And The Official 40th TCB Anniversary

Pictures were taken 23-26 July 2009 at Morgantown, West Virginia.

Top row, left to right: Vicki, Don , Birney , Joyce, Tom and Rich .      Bottom row: Mike , Bill , Greg , David , and Billy .

Newspaper article with Tom and Birney ,

Tom on the left walks back into the Vintage showroom, after being out a Birney's motorhome.

Many thanks to Billy for working with MountainFest for many months to make the Reunion and the 40th a dynamic success!

Greg, The MountainFest Queen, and David are accepting the award for David's Bronson bike for the "No category class".

The competition was for the custom builders at the show, and the Bronson bike did not fit any of the categories, so the Queen created one just for the Bronson bike!

Bronsonites gather in the morning for coffee at the motel, and talk of the events ahead. The 2nd Annual TCB Reunion will be in Jackson, Wyoming, June 2009.

Bill posed as a human mannequin on Greg's bike. The crowds that filed through over four days were thrilled to see him remain motionless, then to scare them when he spoke!

Vicki promotes TCB commemorative T-Shirts and All Seeing Eye stickers during the carnival atmosphere of MountainFest 2009.

Bronsonites take lunch on the set, putting the show (23-26 July) together took two full days of hard work in preparation and construction.

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