Dateline June 2011  Living the dream, Rich traveled that long lonesome highway and 24 years later he is riding into the Next Generation of TCB with his Harley Davidson softtail.

Rich tells his story of the ride from Pennsylvania to Jackson, Wyoming on his 2004 Harley to attend the 41st Anniversary of Then Came Bronson in the shadow of Grand Teton along the Long Lonesome Highway. here.

Dateline May 2009. Rich visited Greg house in Pittsburgh. After the visit he added the ASE to his saddlebags, see pictures here.

News Flash

Rich has just purchased a 2004 DynaGlide.

Dateline July 2008
My name is Rich, that is me on the right, many, many years ago. In the left corner you can barely see my 1978 Kawasaki 650.

Back in 1969-1970 I was a 12 year old kid with a mini bike. There was this show on TV every Wednesday night called "Then Came Bronson". Every Wednesday night I would beg, bargain, plead and argue with my parents to let me stay up and watch it. The show was about a former news paper reporter who quit his job and traveled the country on a Sportster after his friend committed suicide and asked him to buy the bike from his wife. The show portrayed the true spirit of motorcycling and the freedom of the open road that can only be experienced on two wheels with the wind in your face as you let the powerful motor sing it's deep throbbing song.

Bronson's Sportster had an unusual symbol on each side of the gas tank. An "Eye in The Triangle" could be seen against the bright red colored tank. (That symbol was inspired by the back of a dollar bill as told to me by the producer of the show, Robert H. Justman.) So as Jim Bronson was my hero I made that "Eye in The Triangle" symbol my own also. I had the symbol drawn or painted or scratched into just about everything I owned as well as stuff that didn't belong to me! On school books, school locker, bicycle, mini bike, bed room wall, as I said, anything and everything. I WAS JIM BRONSON !!!

As I would ride my mini bike on the hills and trails surrounding my home I would hear the theme song to "Then Came Bronson" in my head and pretend I was Jim Bronson touring the country on my iron horse. I had always told my parents, and anyone that would listen to me, that someday I would tour the country on a motorcycle. Most of the time those that I told of my future plans would just laugh me off or give me a sarcastic "Yea, Yea".

As time went by my bikes became bigger. First there was dirt bikes of various makes, mostly Honda and Kawasaki. Then by the time I was 20 I had my first street bike, a 1978 Kawasaki KZ650. Suddenly, the first time I rode it I could hear that theme song playing over and over in my head and I knew I had to see the country. Well, I couldn't just quit my job like Jim Bronson did so every chance I got, every weekend, every vacation time off, I headed for the open road. Yes, I did tour the country several times by the time I was 25. New Mexico, Florida, and even into parts of Canada are some of my most memorable trips.

Later, as time went on, I got a bigger bike. It was a Kawasaki 1000 LTD and I took it on several shorter trips crisscrossing the north east and my home state of Pa. Then I fell to some financial hard times and had to sell my motorcycle, shortly there after I met a wonderful girl and settled down and got married. I put my motorcycle adventures and "Then Came Bronson" in the back of my mind and locked them away as fond memories for over 25 years.

Now fast forward to November of 2005. On a typical Sunday, just before my birthday, I did as I do most Sunday mornings. I grabbed a cup of coffee and started to read the Sunday paper. The day was not unusual and nothing seemed special to me at the time. Judy said she wanted to do some shopping in a near by town that just happened to be the town where I work. So off we went to do some shopping at the local Super-Center. After Judy finished shopping I noticed that there were just a small amount of groceries in the cart. Thinking it was just a "woman thing" to shop in a different place and buy so little the four of us headed to the truck and to, what I thought would be, home. (I had been discussing motorcycles and life in general with my boss a day or so previous when he had mentioned in passing that he was selling one of his Harleys. A small light went on in my head but I knew we couldn't really afford a motorcycle right now. Besides, I have a family now and they come first so I put the thought of buying it out of my head but I did mention it to my wife in supper time conversation that "Joe" was selling his bike.)

When we got to the parking lot we stuck our meager amount of goods in the back. Judy ask me if she could drive which I thought was odd but tossed her the keys and climbed in the passenger�s side. After pulling out of the store parking lot we traveled just a short distance when Judy turned the truck into Joe's driveway. Suddenly a light went off and a bomb exploded in my brain. "You've been talking to Joe!" I almost screamed as I knew then that the subtle odd events of that day and the conversations of previous days were about to add up. "It's yours if you want it." she said as I stood there speechless and chocked up over my new motorcycle.

She had been saving for this day the past 3 years and I never had a clue. Words can not describe just how much I'm in love with my wife. I've never been able to figure out how or why a beautiful, smart, professional woman would pick an average guy like me. Hell, I'm just a die setter that had trouble graduating high school!

So next time you see a black Harley-Davidson Softail going down the roads of N.W. Pa. it may be me. I may be going to or from work. I may be out for a joy ride. Or I may be "Taking a trip" to... "Oh, I don't know...wherever I end up, I guess." I can still hear that theme playing over and over in my head as I ride again. Even after all these years.

I dedicate this page to My wife Judy ... she is the best!!

The picture is the last remaining "Eye in the Triangle" given to me by Mr. Robert Justman  the producer of "Then Came Bronson" from 1969 to 1970. I am currently working to display this gift in a place of honor in my home. Thank you Mr. Justman you inspired me in my youth to an extent you will never know. "Hang in there".

Thank you so very much Joe Horn, I am grateful beyond words.

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Everyone, Hang in there!