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Hot from the chrome shop, Billy, the master metalsmith has finished my sissy bar, it is beautiful and I will be installing it on 11 October 2008, many thanks Billy.

Billy is the master metalsmith, he made this TCB sissy bar from raw stock. Thank You Billy.

The seat needed a special mounting plate in the front, this will keep the ignition switch under the seat and bolted to the frame. The seat must clear the switch, even when you are sitting on it.

I made a front seat mount from SS sheetmetal, from a template I made in August 2007.

After finding the ignition switch problem when mounting my seat, I pulled the battery out and looked to see if a left side mount was possble in anyway, and it was not. I like a black oil tank, otherwise, to much chrome.

You can see the rear part of the seat is not yet bolted in, that 1/4 20 SS bolt is a tuff one to place under the fender. The aft gas tank mounting ears are certainly different here. You can see the electrical tape covering the hole through the frame were the mounting bolt would go with angled ears. My ears slip over the frame and pinch to hold the tank. Any ideas why this tank is like this?