Put on your thinking cap and sharpen your pencil, and get ready to take the TCB Trivia Quiz ........

1. What was the name of the bridge that is painted red in the beginning scenes of the pilot movie?
A. Bixby Creek Bridge B. Oakland Bay Bridge C. Golden Gate Bridge

2. How many people were lucky enough to every get a ride on Jim�s bike with him during the entire TV season including the Pilot?
A. 21 B. 14 C. 8

3. How many people did Jim ever let ride his bike?
A. 4 B. 2 C. 7

4. In episode one, The Runner,  what was the color was Johnny�s football helmet?
A. Blue B. Red C. White

5. In The Old Motorcycle Fiasco, episode two,  what was put into the gas tank of Jim�s bike?
A. Kerosene B. Diesel fuel C. Weed killer

6. Were did Jim get his Navy watchcap?
A. From a buddy B. While in the Navy C. At a store

7. When Jim and Monica are finished riding horses in A Famine Where Abundance Lies, episode three; Monica says she knows Jim, who does Jim remind her of?
A. Her Husband B. Lord Byron C. Her dad

8. In episode five, Where Will the Trumpets Be?,  what kind of wrist watch is Morgana wearing on her left wrist?
A. Mickey Mouse B. Gold Rolex C. Accutron

9. How many times did Jim wreck or have and accident on his bike during the series?
A. 4 B. 7 C. 10

10. Who has the honor as the only girl to ride Jim�s bike when he was not the driver?
A. Marcia Ford B. Jan Clover C. Linda Wade

11. The Mountain, episode 21,  we see that Jim likes to play a musical instrument what is it?
A. Harmonica B. Guitar C. Piano

12. With all the girls that Jim met on the long lonesome highway which group owned their own motorcycle?
A. Sibyl & Dorothy B. Leona & Vhea C. Valerie & Eve

13. In the 26 TV episodes how many times was another motorcycle and rider featured into the story?
A. 8 B. 11 C. 4

14. In Episode 15 Sybil the beautiful witch has a black cat, what is the cats name?
A. Blackie B. Crowley C. Moonbeam

15. What actor would be a good Jim Bronson if Hollywood were to produce a re-make of the Pilot Movie?

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