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Episode 17

The Gleam of the Eagle Mind

21 January 1970 48 Min.
Jim is splattered with mud by and older man in a panel truck with no brakes. He is a painter, some say and Artiste'. Jim becomes his unlikely assistant on painting a barn. They spend the night painting a masterpiece.
Stars: Jay Novello plays Juan the "Artist". Also John Dehner as Sid and Jan Shepard as his wife Helen.
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Episode 18

That undiscovered country ...

28 January 1970 48 Min.
Jim misses his turn off and ends up on a Amish farm. The young folk (a beautiful blonde) are mesmerized by Jim's free traveling spirit. Jim teaches the girl's fiancé to ride his bike, and the boy takes off and goes into town, while Jim stays on the farm to help the girl with the chores. On location in Reno, great shots of the old Mapes and Riverside Hotels.
Stars: Heidi Vaughn another beautiful blonde named Dorothy, who Jim meets along the way. Also Mark Jenkins as Harold.
Music: Keil Martin sings two songs - Wonderin’ Where I’m Wanderin’; written by D. Fleres & B. Barberis
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and, I’m Bound for the Mountains and the Sea; written by Tom Paxton The undiscovered country from whose bourn No traveler returns

Episode 19

Lucky Day

4 February 1970 48 Min.
Jim arrives in Reno to see his cousin Eve, who is engaged to get married to a young man. Great shots of the old Reno, Nevada strip (The Biggest Little City in the World ) and it has not changed much to this day!
Stars: Lynne Marta   plays Eve, Jim's cousin and Barry Brown as Len the groom.
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Episode 20

Mating Dance for Tender Grass

11 February 1970 48 Min.
While driving down a lonely desert canyon road, Jim is attacked by Indians, complete with war paint, but they have traded in their horses for motorcycles. NOTE: The Boat-tail Sporty as first prize.
Stars: Famous 60's singer and songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie as Tender Grass with Eddie Little Sky as Boise Idaho
Music: Buffy Sainte-Marie sings her song, The Piney Wood Hills with her guitar.
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Episode 21

The Mountain

18 February 1970 48 Min.
High in the mountains, Jim meets a beautiful blonde painting the snow covered mountain. Her husband is a famous writer and is on the mountain and sees the two together. The husband invites Jim to climb with him in the days to come.
Stars: James Whitmore two time Oscar nominated actor as Wilson Ford, and Melendy Britt as Ford's wife Marcia.
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Episode 22

Still Waters

25 February 1970 48 Min.
Jim gets fired from a chemical plant. He then meets a girl who's dad owns a newspaper and he gets a new job. However the father has a drinking problem. Located in Pacific Grove, California, north of Big Sur, a place where Jim will eventually come to rest after his quest on the lonesome highway. See Jim's Biography.
Stars: Veronica Cartwright as Petey and John Colicos as her father, Harve Traine. Also Jean Allison as John's girlfriend June, she is listed as one of the best character actresses for over three decades.
Music: Jim sings, Softly and Tenderly
Also John Bahler sings When You Come Upon Still Waters; written by Bob Hilliard & Philip Springer.
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Episode 23

The Forest Primeval

4 March 1970 48 Min.
Jim heads for high lonesome, with bad weather closing in, he looses control on the mountain road and his bike falls down the slope with him tumbling after it. Filmed in Big Sur California.
Stars: Gary Clarke as the Forest Ranger.
Bonus feature: View rare behind the scene pictures from Episode 23 here.
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Episode 24

The Ninety-Nine Mile Circle

11 March 1970 48 Min.
Jim helps and older gentleman on California's Highway 1 who is out of gas, Jim no sooner says good-bye when his bike breaks a chain. The man then returns the favor with a ride to get new parts. The adventure then begins with meeting people and meaningful talks about life, as they make the great circle.
Stars: David Burns as the gentleman Mr. Isadora Katz. Note: The gas station in the picture below is on Hwy 1 south of Camel, CA. and has been in a million movies.
Music: Gary Jayson sings, Every time (When We Are Gone) written by Tom Paxton
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Gary also sings his song Tomorrow Calls My Name.

Episode 25

The Mary R

25 March 1970 48 Min.
Jim is visiting his Uncle Herman, who has since remarried the beautiful Beverly Garland (a blonde of course) Herman has big money problems with his fishing boat, as well as his son's problem, Jim's cousin.
Stars the beautiful Beverly Garland as Beth, and Gerald S. O'Loughlin as Jim's uncle Herman, and Robert Random as their confused son Carl.
Music: Gary Jayson sings his songs, Mary R and Sail On.
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Episode 26

What's an Ark Without Centaurs?

1 April 1970 48 Min.
Jim ends up at Lake Powell, out side Las Vegas, and gets a job as a handyman on a rich man's boat, and of course a beautiful rich (spoiled) daughter comes along with it!
Stars: Anjanette Comer as Vhea and Morgan Woodward as her father Gus Samos.
Music: Jim sings, My Lady’s a Wild Flying Dove; written by Tom Paxton
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