The Long Lonesome Highway By James Hendricks Circa 1969
I once had this album in 1969-70 but it has long since disappeared.  However I recently purchased another at a used record shop, it is a disc jockey copy and was not for sale in stores.  In the left photo Jim sings with James Hendricks in Ep. 16.  These albums below and songs have never come out in CD, however music in MP3 is available.

Songs include:

Sunshine Showers (Ep. 3)

Re-enlistment Blues

Mountain High (Ep. 16)

California's Fine

Yonder Comes the Blues

Summer Days (Ep. 16)

My Melancholy Baby

Long Lonesome Highway (Ep. 13)

I Think of You

Big T Water (Ep. 16)

Click here to download the words and guitar chords to The Long Lonesome Highway in MS Word.

                    Closing The Gap
Songs include:

Oklahoma Hills (Ep. 14)

Pretty Piece of Paper

Midnight Wind

San Antonio Rose

Soldier's Last Letter

Wayfarin' Stranger (Pilot TV)

Ride 'Em Cowboy (Ep. 3)

Sofely and Tenderly (Ep. 1)

Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again (Ep. 2)

Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon

Treasure Untold

Sneakin' In The Back Door of Love

Little Buckaroo

The songs listed below are in the TV epiosdes as listed, but were never on any LP album. I have mastered them to MP3 and are avaialble............
Taken A Trip dialog and theme - Pilot   ♦   Wayfarin' Stranger - with Bonnie - Pilot   ♪   Long Lonesome Highway (Long) - Ep 13 Michael Parks   ♫   Wonderin' Where I'm Wanderin' - Ep 18 Kiel Martin   ♪   I am Bound for the Mountains and the Sea - Ep 18 Kiel Martin   ♫   The Piney Wood Hills - Ep 20 Buffy Sainte Marie   ♪   When You Come Upon Still Waters - Ep 22 John Bahler   ♫   Every time When We Are Gone - Ep 24 Gary Jayson   ♫  Tomorrow Calls My Name - Ep 24 Gary Jayson   ♪   Sail On - Ep 25 Gary Jayson   ♫   My Lady's A Wild Flyin' Dove - Ep 26 Michael Parks.

Songs include: I Am Lonely And Blue ♦ I Cannot Help It ♦ I Come To The Garden ♦ No One To Cry To ♦ Sally ♦ Save A Little ♦ There Has Been A Change In Me ♦ Beautiful Means You ♦ Born To Lose ♦ Cold, Cold Heart.

Back in the early 1970's Johnny Cash had a variety show and one night he featured Michael Parks singing.

Visit Patty's website dedicated to Michael Parks and his acting career here.

TV Guide, April 11, 1970

The Bixby Bridge, Big Sur California on Hwy 101, famous from the opening credits in the show.  The completion of a coastal highway called 101 depended on spanning five canyons, one of which was Bixby Creek Canyon.  The bridge was built in 1932 and endures to the present.  In 2000 the bridge under went a seismic facelift for $5.2 million.  View and listen to a short documentary on building the bridge here .

Photos of the Bridge July 3rd, 2008 click here.


For more technical facts on the bridge and location, proceed to the Historic Bridges of the United States website, from there you can link to maps.