Phase I - August 2008 Phase II - Big Sur Bixby 2009
Phase III - HD Museum June 2009 Phase IV - Bixby Creek 2010

My name is Mike; I am the webmaster for The bike above I purchased off EBay the week of 7 May, 2008 is a 1970 XLH, I have painted it red, added a Bronson seat from Sporty Specialties, and will re-live the long lonesome highway.

Mike and Vicki in July/August 2009 rode their 1200 Sporty 3100 miles from Virginia to California in 8 days.

That is Jerry and I at his house, Jerry painted the original TCB bikes back in 1969/70, when the TV series was shown on NBC. Jerry's black Sporty is a HD 100 year anniversary model. Funny how the design has not changed all that much over the years. On the right is Mike's Bike at the HD Museum as and invited guest for the one year museum birthday weekend in July 2009.

Over forty years ago, I watched TCB on TV when I could, I worked at a gas station after school and had started working at and early age, because I realized that if I worked I could buy the things I wanted. Hence I had a savings, and bought a brand new XLCH Sportster in 1970. The bike I purchased from a Kansas City Harley Davidson dealer was green, I had a friend painted it red.

I left Kansas City that summer and went to Houston, I had lived there in junior high and wanted to see my old girlfriend, I remember when I rolled through Conroe, Texas a cop stopped me and wanted to see my license, he did not say much, and I went on down the road. I pulled into Houston after dark and pulled into her driveway she was waiting for me, sitting on the hood of her black GTO, this could have been a scene from TCB, in fact it was a scene, because I WAS Bronson.

More to come..........