My name is Jerry, I do not have a replica bike because I lived Then Came Bronson in 1969 and 70'. I painted the bikes for the TV series 26 episodes and used Bronson Red by DuPont using Centari enamel, this effort supported the location filming. Keeping the nine bikes painted was a full time job and loved every minute of it! The TV series required six full size Sportsters and three dirt bikes.

The dirt bikes were equiped with Sportster tanks and fenders to look like a full size Sportster. Left are photos of several of the tanks which were constantly being replaced on the bikes as filming damage occurred. I spent many long nights sanding and applying Bondo, only to wake up in two hours to sand and add more Bondo, then paint in the morning. The flash in the left picture is actually in the original photo itself.

During the pilot and the first few episodes I hand painted the eyes on the tank. Then one day a box of stickers was handed to me, and I was glad to see them! On the right is and original eye sticker I peeled off a tank and found a few years ago buried in some papers of mine.

The EYE in the frame is very possibly the only EYE in captivity that was actually on a TV series Bronson bike. Jerry rides his 2001 Classic with S & S cams on Hwy 50 east of Carson City, NV. August 2009.

Jerry and Mary retired police officers.