Greg's bike was the feature story in IronWorks April 2008 issue. See and read here.

My name is Greg, that is me riding my Bronson bike replica. I'll start with where the bike came from!

     I bought the bike from Tom in Little Rock, Arkansas, he found it in Texas and bought it from a garage that had taken the bike in on a trade from a lady that could not pay her bill. It was a 1969 XLH, the same model MGM studios started with and Tom started making it into the replica that Jim Bronson had, I cannot take any credit for that!

     I think the bike had been sitting for awhile, this could be the reason the jugs were scored and it was smoking. After I purchased the bike from Tom, I arranged for the bike to be shipped to my home using a delivery service. The bike was nice but, had many problems.

     I loved TCB since my Mother had told me about the program which was on in 1969. I bought the record LP, a navy watch cap and collected and saved magazine clippings, but never the Harley! I got my first bike in 1980 and started with a 400cc and worked up to a 1200cc. Getting hit on my bike in 1989 ended my motorbike activity for awhile.

     In 2004 I started looking for TCB stuff on EBay. I found Tom�s listing on EBay motors in February of 2005. I did not make the reserve price so I started emailing Tom in Little Rock, and somehow it worked out! I had always heard negative stuff about Harleys so I had stayed away from them, but I had always loved just one, it was that little red 1969 Sporty 883 XLH which had cruised the long lonesome highway.

     In August of 2005 I took a trip and I knew the bike would need work! In one day I lost the key, I blew off the header pipe three times, I had to hot wired it once, the battery went dead, I looked for hills.....pushed it a lot, I ran out of gas twice, not to mention it smoked like a Lawn Boy mower! ! I lost a muffler on the way back home, it just fell off! It was also very hard to kick start before the restoration and the original carburetor was just too temper mental! A few small things for a true junkie like me were replicating the fore and aft bags correctly. And that sissy bar is a real Schwinn one also!

     When I got the bike it was far from the show bike I dreamed about! And with that nightmare ride in August I needed to find someone who new the old stuff! I found a young guy who worked on new stuff but loved the old stuff, so what turned out to be just fixing some issues turned into a complete restoration project! All the chrome had to be redone. Metal parts were powder coated and a complete rewire. All metal parts were polished, then some new parts, the older parts were dechromed then polished! Without seeing one of the real bikes, I feel that the bike is a very close replica to Jim Bronson�s TV bike.

     The eye on the tank is a decal copy of the real one gotten from Daniel Jackson�s TCB web site! He is the man for good TCB stuff. In August of 2006 the jugs were taken off again to powder coat them, and a new Bendix carburetor was installed. The bike is a stock 883 motor, so the only changes are the ones like MGM made in 1969. I think everything is running good now, the bike recently pasted the 500 mile break in! Runs like a new old school �69 Sportster! Tom and I finally met at the 2006 Vintage Motorcycle Show in Mid Ohio for the "50 years of Sportsters" show. We placed the bike in the tent with some other classic stuff and it connected with a lot of folks who remembered the TV show! So now I enjoy local events with fun rides in between! Tom and I are good friends and we are happy to see the bike was placed in Ironworks magazine in April 2008.

     Money in the bike? I cannot put a price on passion, let us just say I could have purchased a really nice new Harley for what is invested in this one! All in all it was fun to restore and continues to be a fun project and hobby. The restoration took about a year but then I had to redo a few things. The problem now is that the bike is a little too nice for daily rides or long distance runs! Too much TLC into it now! The bike is currently located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Interested motorcycle magazines or newspapers please contact me for a feature story.

Greg is the bike's owner, for more information on his bike...