Billy's 1994 Tribute Bike Remembering Dad Bill's School of Metal
Billy's Channel

My name is Bill, in 1969 I was 15 years old with a Honda 90, my first real motorcycle. That June I turned 16 and was racing a Motocross KX100.  Behold, "Then Came Bronson" on TV and my life was forever changed.  Ten years later I rode my Kawasaki Kz1000 from Virginia to the coast of California and back, largely because of Bronson.     Ok, fast forward to the 21st Century.   I was surfing the internet, looking for old TV shows, I did a search for TCB and I decided I wanted my very own Bronson bike.

So in August 2007 . . . .  I bought the bike you see here, a 1970 Sportster. It had been converted to a Bobber, I cut down the front forks, since they had been replaced with 4 inch extended forks for the Bobber look.  I liked it because the chrome was in the right places and it was electric and a kick start.  I bought the gauges and a stock rear fender off of EBay, and cut the back off.  The next step was to get some tapered mufflers and I was on my way.

I bought a new gas tank, headlight, handlebars and a round mirror.  The bike also needed a new Lucas tail light and I made the bracket for it.  I installed new stock foot pegs and my buddy Mark gave me the Anderson Passenger pegs.  Since I am a retired metal and blacksmith, I made the sissy bar, the front fender and the chain guard from scratch; great fun, pride and ownership in having worked this restoration project with my own hands!

I traded metal work labor to my buddy Ron for a paint Job, and had another good friend Roger, made me vinyl decals that he scanned off of the stickers on the web. This is what it looks like now.

I'm still collecting parts to make it more accurate. Here you can see I have the Avon Speed Master tires and a stock aluminum back wheel to replace the smaller chrome back wheel and fat tire that was on it as a Bobber. Note the almost correct air-filter cover. The seat is a Mustang Cobra.

Next I was hard pressed to find the correct two-piece handle bars and a correct vintage exhaust system. The easy part here was painting the cylinders silver.

Almost 40 years after the TCB movie first aired, I have my very own Bronson bike.   Do I look happy or what? Pacific Coast Highway 101 and the Bixby Creek bridge look out, 'cause here we come!